The Vision

To connect independent bookstores with their local readers across America.

The Problem

Many independent bookstores are struggling to compete with large retailers that sell books for single digit margins, causing many of the readers to default to the cheaper price and low touch digital service.

The Solution offers an easy-to-use platform that connects readers with their neighboring bookstores and with other indie bookstores across the country, providing readers the opportunity to put their money back into the local economy.

Two steps to buy local books

First, search for your favorite book or browse our selection of new and notable titles. Then, check out and enjoy your new read knowing you've supported a local business.

If you were unable to find your desired book, you will be able to submit a request out to a nearby bookstore for your particular title.

What's at stake?

Without independent bookstores, communities risk losing out on diverse voices, cultural perspectives, and important literary contributions. If you don't support your local book shops we will all lose the diversity and inspirational literature that bookstores give.

The impact you can have

By purchasing through, you support small businesses and promote a thriving, diverse literary community. By discovering new authors and perspectives, you will expand your own knowledge and understanding, along with your keeping your local dollars local!

Support local books

Join us in supporting independent bookstores across the country by shopping at today. Discover how easy it is to buy books from independent bookstores that care.